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As an artist, Steven Cromwell has always been consumed by the thoughts of what lived up to that classic automobile to its final resting place in a pasture or to be left to collect dust in a barn. What lived up to the gas station where someone worked so hard to sustain as a business, their livelihood, but is now just an empty brick tomb. The barn that the Farmer or Rancher built to house the tools that allowed him to work the land but is now just structurally failing due to rotting support beams and natural elements. The purpose of Cromwell's work is to express a sentiment to the life of these objects and structures, in which time cradles them. His structures are frozen time capsules that are slowly decomposing due to the exposure of natural elements or neglectful abandonment.



Born in San Antonio and raised on the famous King Ranch, Steven Cromwell began creating dioramas, drawings, and paintings that reflected his urban and rural surroundings. Cromwell holds an Associates of Fine Art from San Antonio College and a BA with Honors from the University of Texas at San Antonio and currently lives and teaches in San Antonio.


CV Available Upon Request. 


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