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Joseph Cohen has been recognized as “one of the best”  when it comes  constantly trying to exceed the expectations and perceived limitations of painting. In his series of works titled Propositions, Cohen has created surfaces that shift when engaged by the viewer. There is a play between both the physical and chromatic natures of paint, which allows the substance a sensual viscous nature.  Paint can flow, drip, and carry the brushstroke’s gesture, while at the same time being governed by the laws of gravity, measured geometrically, and formed mechanically. Cohen is deeply involved with the textures of a medium capable of universalizing so much lost intimacy.

As an artist Cohen is enthralled with the incessant change of pace, a slowing-down, that allows the viewer the opportunity for contemplative exercises of the mind when viewing his works. With precision in mind, Cohen began to incorporate carbon nano-tubes into his works. More recently at Rice University, Cohen has continued researching such iterations by studying innovations in optics.


While collaborating with Dan Workman at Sugar Hill Studios has permitted Cohen to pursue, answer, and display to the viewer, with great fidelity, the question: what does a painting sound like? Through an interdisciplinary approach to art and science, the precision Joseph Cohen brings as an artist is central to his vocation. 

Born in Houston Texas and raised with an appreciation for the arts, Cohen currently resides in Houston’s museum district. 


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