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For about ten years Bodo Korsig’s work is both funny and serious.

Working in a variety of mediums and modes, including woodcutting, artists books, and sculpture, he plays with the subconscious, the familiar, the mundane and the minuscule. Looking towards natural phenomena as a source of inspiration, Korsig is especially provoked by the artistic conflict of neurological and cognitive processes taking place in human behavior. He finds the interface of biological determination and human awareness fascinating to point that Korsig displays a new perception of such processes through his art.


Bodo Korsig was born in Zwickau, Germany in 1962. He studied sculpture at FWG Berlin and now lives in New York and Trier where he is a Professor at the European Academy of Fine Art, Trier. Korsig has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. He currently lives and works in Germany. 


CV Available Upon Request. 

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