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Randal Ford's 

Animal Kingdom

Cinnabar will host intimate, scheduled openings with limited capacity to view the exhibition.

Each will require a reservation during the designated times. 

Please stay tuned for details as this process develops. Additionally, the gallery is available for private viewing appointments.

I do ask that you practice social distancing and wear a mask when visiting the gallery.

Stay safe my friends. 




Get lost in the mesmerizing maze of works from Randal Ford's 

Animal Kingdom series. The detail expressed in each photograph printed in large format makes each animal come to life inside the gallery. 

This show will feature a juxtaposition of black animals photographed on black backgrounds like the black swan "Stefani Angelina" and the beautiful "Black Betty" Quarter horse. Opposite these black photographs are equally mesmerizing animals like "Juliet" the white pelican and "Jubari" the young lion on white backgrounds. Following the great success of the Animal Kingdom series the photographs were published in a book by Rizzoli in 2018.



"Acclaimed photographer Randal Ford celebrates our fascination with and love of animals through his engaging portraits of the animal kingdom. A young male lion cub seems to sport a rebellious mohawk; a chimpanzee adopts a pensive pose; a curious duckling cocks his head at the camera lens and flaps his wings. The featured animals cover a wide range, from birds such as the African crane, cockatoos, flamingos, and roosters, to big cats such as tigers, cheetahs, and leopards, to Arabian horses, bulls, and Longhorn sheep, among many others. Bird and animal lovers will be drawn to the powerful and emotionally engaging images that seem to reveal the individual character of the other animals that share the Earth with us." 


-Dan Winters 

Excerpt from Animal Kingdom by Rizzoli

Click here for artist biography and more information.

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