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Christian Fuchs work revolves around rethinking family and personal memory. He grew up in a house where there were many portraits and objects that belonged to his family for generations. As a child, he looked at the photographs and played with them. If he didn’t know the names of the characters, Fuchs invented them. And so Fuchs went, generating a strange dialogue that eventually began to draw analogies between his ancestors and himself.


Eventually, this interest grew deeper and deeper and led him to further investigate, not only names, but also personal stories that he collected during Fuchs visits to relatives in Peru, Chile, and Germany.Fuchs welcomes the study of genealogy in his works. Christian Fuchs navigates genealogy and family history consciously and voluntarily through a cluster of memories, stories, and tendencies that supersede time and space and remain in all the memory levels of being.


In his series titled "Transgeneration," photography is the product of a performance in which Fuchs become different men and women of his family, by recreating moments lived by an ancestor using his body as a vehicle, through a use of costumes and characterization. Every character he plays is a silent performance on portrait photography.  



Christian Fuchs (Lima, 1979) is a photographer and visual artist living and working in Lima, Peru. His interest revolves around rethinking and reinvention of personal memory. After studying photography at Centro de la Imagen in Lima, his first solo exhibition Ahnensonne opened in 2009 at Gallery 80m2 in Lima. He has participated in several group exhibitions including the Häuserträume für Kinder auction in Hamburg in 2012, organized by Sotheby's. He is currently a member of the La Encomienda project. 



CV Available Upon Request. 

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