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Melanie Rush Davis graduated from UTSA with a BFA and an MFA in Photography. She diligently pursued her love of the arts by becoming an artist, a teacher, a published author, and a mentor to many. She was a professor of photography at St. Mary's University, University of Incarnate Word, Trinity University, Northwest Vista, the Southwest School of Art, and St. Mary's Hall.

Melanie has displayed her art throughout the world, but her impact is best seen in San Antonio. In the art community Melanie is well known for her unique pinhole photography, earning her local-legend status as "the pinhole queen." She has constructed life-sized "camera obscuras," and frequently presented her work at the Blue Star Arts Complex and the annual Luminaria event. She taught pinhole photography at SSA every Saturday for 30 years.

Cinnabar is pleased to present a collection of her pinhole rarities- many have never been exhibited before.

Exhibition opens October 17 and ends December 1, 2019. 

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