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Rather than suspending a single moment, Ansen Seale examines the passage of time. To accomplish this, he invented a modern digital version of the panoramic camera. In his version, a single sliver of space is imaged over an extended period of time, yielding the surprising result that unmoving objects are blurred and moving bodies are rendered clearly. To Seale, this is photography in its purest form, where abstraction is the norm, not the exception. 

Ansen Seale teases out this unusual reality lurking just beneath the surface of our everyday visual experience in the same way the cubist painters created dynamic tension by exploiting the interplay between what the viewer expects and what one gets. As photography is traditionally the rendering of real-world objects in two dimensions, that same creative tension arises in Seale's work because, in effect, it discards the horizontal dimension and substitutes for it the fourth dimension, time.

Ansen Seale is based in San Antonio, Texas.  

CV​ Available Upon Request. 

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