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Cathy Cunningham-Little is a mixed media sculptor utilizing glass, neon, light, wire, string, and other materials in a variety of ways to explore the phenomena of perception, both the visual interaction of color and light and the mental aspects of perception. Her earlier works were based on mixed media installations and drawings made of light. These were both representational and narrative.


Cathy’s recent works tend more towards abstraction and use light as a field of energy. These and other artworks give rise to multiple interpretations on the perceptual level through a relationship between the intensity of physical stimuli and their perceptual effects, shaping our beliefs of what we are seeing. The pieces are meditative and potentially extend the visual thought and experience, encouraging viewers to reflect upon their understanding and interpretation of the physical world that surrounds them.

Cathy Lee Cunningham-Little was born in Falls Church Virginia on March 30, 1953. She is married to the artist Ken Little and together they maintain studios and a home in downtown San Antonio with their 3 cats.


CV Available Upon Request. 

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