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Karin Waskiewicz paintings rely on discovery with a process that begins with acrylic paint applied in thick layers, creating a sedimentation of color that is later unearthed. Each painting emerges as she carves, gouges and digs away dry paint to reveal and investigate a world in paint alone.


Thousands of paint chips are made in the creation of each painting, which becomes remnants of the process. Embedding these discarded chips into her next painting allows for a sense of shared history.


Some of Waskiewicz processes is predetermined, mapping out color-layered substrates, while other aspects of the process arrive through the element of thought, i.e trusting the process itself. This process allows for a journey through the depth of the paint, subtracting and adding until the painting is ultimately resolved. She see's layers of paint revealing their own history, some layers becoming more significant than others. The imagery in Waskiewicz paintings come from memories that she collected throughout her life. Most of the memories are related to experiences that she had in nature and with the people around her. 


Karin Waskiewicz was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

CV Available Upon Request. 



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