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Hiromi Tsuji Stringer’s works are in fact the well-preserved journal entries of her fictional character Umeyama. Stringer has a created a fictional character named Shoei Umeyama. Umeyama is a scholar, a persona per say that encapsulates the traditions of Edo period Japan. Umeyama, who is magically transported from ancient Japan to modern-day San Antonio through a time machine, is the main character of this narrative.


Hiromi Tsuji Tsuji Stringer brings to light in her work that the idea of time is relative to observation when it comes to cross-cultural comparisons.

Each entry is filled with meticulous observations of San Antonio and his comparisons to Japanese culture. Stringer’s medium of choice is intricate Sumi-e ink notes from top to bottom with illustrations on traditional rice paper. A detailed exploration of the artist as curator, her work challenges viewers to be – between two worlds, two cultures, all at once, while convincing us to remember its all relative. 



Hiromi Tsuji Stringer was in Kyoto, Japan and received a Bachelor of Science in the Agricultural Sciences from Tottori University, Japan. She later worked as a studio assistant for the acclaimed sculptor Katsushi Takeda in Shiga, Japan. Stringer is currently an MFA candidate at UTSA, where her work has been widely exhibited at various galleries throughout Texas and Japan.

CV Available Upon Request. 

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